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Fabulous Food, Employee Owned

Meet Our Team

Sarah Guixens

Director of Dining Services

Sarah has 20+ years of experience leading teams across all areas of the food and beverage, catering, retail, and logistic industries. Her high energy and forward-thinking mentality make her a perfect fit for the Madeira community. Sarah’s first-class level customer service aligns perfectly with MG’s core value to “Be the Best Partner”!





Sara Thompson

District Manager

Having also started as a server under Rie (graduated R-MWC) and growing with MG through the roles of Director and District Manager, Sara has always been known for her high ethical standards and her ability to do whatever it takes to assure operational performance. She adopts a systematic, “drumbeat” approach to onboarding, training, and coaching. This combined with her varied experience and industry knowledge makes her extremely effective with new hires and long-term veterans.



Living & Working Sustainably

We take a holistic approach to being good stewards of our natural resources. Given that food services as an industry are notorious for waste, we start with a focus on not letting good food end up in the trash.  From there, we incorporate other important strategies: buying local foods, composting, recycling, etc. Doing what we can to take better care of our planet is the right thing to do. We also provide programs and information in these areas as well as nutrition awareness.

Our Commitment to Diversity & Inclusion

We are invested in creating and maintaining a workplace in which all employees have an opportunity to participate in and contribute to the success of the business. This means fostering and protecting an inclusive environment in which all employees feel respected, are treated fairly and their viewpoints, thoughts, and ideas are encouraged and embraced, regardless of position, age, race, religion, beliefs, socio-economic background, gender, who they love, how they identify and of course, other protected statuses. We proudly support vendors, partners, and suppliers who share these values of inclusion.

Our Culture

We recognize that people are our most important ingredient and we provide them with the best resources, from training and support to progressive systems, so they may find satisfaction in what they do and feel appreciated for their hard work. We cultivate an atmosphere where we learn, grow and improve, constantly. This people-first culture fosters a better experience for each guest.

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