Our menus incorporate these fundamental goals:

  • Seasonal
  • Balance
  • Variety
  • Freshness
  • Fun


As the seasons turn, so do our tastes and our local harvest.  We make sure we keep up by swapping out our menus four times a year, in the same way the best restaurants do.  Some signature recipes and favorite items will be offered year-round,  but many will only be offered when it’s their time.   To create an element of surprise, chef’s specials will occur regularly!  Just another way to fight “menu fatigue.”


We look for strategies that promote a positive relationship with food.  We want guests to enjoy meals and understand how foods nourish, versus creating negative thought processes (“this is a bad food”) that may lead to unnatural cravings, binge eating, starvation diets, and the like.

For example, fresh whole fruit and yogurt are offered each day, while traditional desserts are offered as a special treat.  The message is:  sweet desserts are okay, in moderation.


We want you to have choices and to feel empowered to make ones that are right for you.  Just like it’s our job to make food exciting, it’s our job to make sure there’s something for everyone. We love trying out new things.  Want to see us make your favorite personal recipe?  Share it with us and we will!


From the ingredients to our cooking methods, fresh is best.  “Scratch” is defined as “from the beginning.” We have always believed this is the right way to cook. Many of our salad dressings, soups, sauces, composed salads, sides, entrées, and desserts are made from scratch. This means fresh ingredients, nice aromas in the kitchen, and better control of what’s in the selections we serve.


Our dining team loves to cook, entertain and play with the food.  We will be extra zany on a regular basis so we all remember that Food is FUN.