Lemon Pudding with Berries

Lemon Pudding with Berries


Serves 6

3⁄4c - sugar
1⁄4c - cornstarch
21⁄2c - milk
3lg - egg yolks,lightly beaten
2T - finely grated lemon zest
1 - pinch salt
1⁄2c - fresh lemon juice
2T - butter, softened
1lb - fresh berries

  1. Whisk sugar & corn starch in 2-qt saucepan
  2. Gradually add milk, whisk until smooth
  3. Add egg yolks,lemon zest, salt
  4. Cook on med-high, stir until thickens & coats spoon
  5. Remove from heat,stir in lemon juice & butter
  6. Pour through fine mesh strainer into individual serving dishes
  7. Cover with plastic wrap, chill for minimum 2 hours
  8. Top with berries and mint

Healthy eating

by Sherri Meyer Corporate Dietitian

For many the the name alone conjures up thoughts of deprivation and images of boring salads and overcooked, tasteless vegetables. I recently came upon this fantastic article about healthy eating “seasonal, fresh, whole food” which basically sums up how I feel about eating. While I admit to being a chocolate lover, I don’t think I have ever met a roasted vegetable I didn’t like. I love the author’s adjectives for describing healthy foods such as “ farm fresh, sweet, baby”, etc, etc.

Whether you are passionate about your food or just looking for a better way to “sell” healthy eating to your family, read on!

Weekly Wisdom – Food Rules… Eat only foods that have been cooked by humans

by Sherri Meyer Corporate Dietitian

  • Let humans cook for you, not corporations
  • Corporation cooks = too much salt, fat, sugar, preservatives, coloring, etc. & aim for “immortal” food
  • Treat restaurant meals as special occasions-professional chefs (albeit human) often cook with large amounts of salt, sugar & fat

Source: Michael Pollen, Food Rules

Weekly Wisdom – The # 1 thing you can do to be healthier

by Sherri Meyer Corporate Dietitian


  • People who cook for themselves eat healthier diets
  • 3 cooking tips: patience, presence, practice
  • Be patient while cooking & don’t rush
  • Cooking is important for your health, your family life & your sanity

Source: Michael Pollen, Food Rules

Weekly Wisdom – Food Rules: Buy your snacks at the farmers market

by Sherri Meyer Corporate Dietitian

  • You will find yourself snacking on fresh or dried fruits & nuts
  • Real food – not sweets & chips

Source: MichaelPollen, Food Rules

New additions to my ‘must read pile’

by Sherri Meyer Corporate Dietitian

Today is Mother’s Day and I am very lucky to have an extremely thoughtful husband who just happens to understand my obsession with cookbooks/nutrition related books. So to my delight I was gifted with some new books that I will add to my “must read” pile (unfortunately that pile keeps growing but the hours in my day do not). The first gem is Mark Bittman’s new book VB6, Vegan Before 6. This is my 2nd book by Mark Bittman (How to Cook Everything just happened to be one of last year’s Mother’s Day gifts).

The second book is by my favorite food author Michael Pollan, Cooked. Michael Pollan is clearly a rock star in the world of ‘foodies.” Based on the current review I fully expect this book to deliver on my expectations.

I hope you find time in your busy lives to check out these new books. If you have any personal interest in our food system and our plant (and we all should) I highly recommend becoming regular readers of these authors.

Happy Reading!

Weekly Wisdom – Get off your duff! Sitting for hours puts you at major risk for diabetes

by Sherri Meyer Corporate Dietitian

  • Get out of the chair whenever possible, even if only for a few minutes
  • Stand at your desk, during meeting, walk to your destination when possible
  • Don’t spend all your leisure time sitting
  • Don’t forget aerobic exercise & strength training

Source: Nutrition Action

Salmon Cakes with Cucumber Radish Sauce


Serves 8

1lb - salmon fillet,cooked and flaked
2 - 6”pita rounds,torn in small pieces
1⁄4c - lite mayonnaise
1lg - egg,lightly beaten
1t - old bay seasoning
2T - chopped chives, divided
11⁄2t - grated lemon zest, divided
2T - olive oil
s&p to taste
3⁄4c - plain yogurt
1t - fresh lemon juice
1⁄4c - peeled, seeded, finely diced cucumber
1⁄4c - finely diced radish

  1. Mix salmon, pita,mayo,egg,old bay, 1 T chives, 1 t zest, s&p
  2. Form into eight 3” diameter cakes
  3. Heat oil in heavy nonstick skillet, medium-high heat
  4. Cook salmon cakes until golden, 3 minutes per side
  5. Mix yogurt, lemon juice, cucumber, radish, 1 T chives, 1⁄2t zest & s&p
  6. Serve cakes warm with sauce

Serve on bed of greens or steamed asparagus

Gwyneth Paltrow’s new cookbook, ‘It’s All Good’

by Sherri Meyer Corporate Dietitian

In a totally non-nutrition related confession, I love all things Gwyneth Paltrow. Not in the creepy I want to name my children after her, but more in the fascination of a life that is led with incredible privilege. However, when her latest cookbook came out I didn’t have much interest simple because I deemed it unrealistic, mostly based on the pre-release reviews. However, one day while walking through the bookstore I happened to come upon the book. Curious more about the pictures of the blonde haired beauty rather than the recipes, I began to comb through the book. To my surprise the first few pages presented recipes that were really intriguing. I made a spontaneous decision to purchase the book and since we were visiting family I had a few spare moments to actually read through the pages. Now I agree with many reviews that some of the ingredients may be hard to obtain and can be quite expensive. But once I was done reading this book I had a few takeaways

  1. Her health/elimination recommendations should not be taken literally, meaning this is just one persons personal experience of how to live healthier
  2. Many recipes call for sheep or goats milk yogurt which can be replaced with the easy to obtain Greek yogurt
  3. I have no issue with gluten/wheat so I have no problem using regular whole grain bread in place of her recommended “gluten free” bread
  4. This book is a guide, not gospel. Though I cook often, I have new ideas for easily incorporating quinoa into my everyday diet and some great dressing ideas (again they can be easily modified)

For a more animated review of GP’s latest venture into clean eating see the quite comical review from the Washington Post.

Weekly Wisdom – Mediterranean Diet: Making it work for you (part 2)

by Sherri Meyer Corporate Dietitian

  • Eat fish – two 4 oz servings of fish are recommended per week;look for easy, foolproof recipes for cooking ease
  • Love the lemons – Squeeze on salads & vegetables; make dressing with olive oil, lemon, fresh garlic & salt

Source: Mediterranean Diet Cookbook